The Wild Mayo Ultra 650km

How could I have possibly said no, when Padraig Marrey asked me if I’m up to do the Wild Mayo Ultra 650km, an ultra-cycling event around my home county Mayo? As a wild Mayo woman, cyclist and adventurer I was instantly hooked by the idea and I was curious if Padraig would actually be able […]

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Everesting off road on a mountain bike

Everesting off-road on a mountain bike

One might wonder why you would choose to cycle up and down a rocky path on your mountain bike until you accumulated 8,848 metres of elevation – the height of Mt. Everest. Therefore, I put together some information on ‘What is Everesting?’ as well as a personal report on the off-road Everesting mountain bike challenge […]

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Adventures with Rachel Nolan ~ Ink & Peat podcast

On Cycling, Gratitude, Whiskey, and Freedom Interview with Craig from Memoir Tour Listen and subscribe to the Ink & Peat podcast Thank you Craig, for an amazing chat about Ireland and so much more! I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in person one day. Deep conversations over a glass of Irish whiskey, I […]

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The story of my bicycle

The story of my bike - by Rachel Nolan ‘Rachel Nolan!... slow down or you’ll fall and cut your knees!’ This is one of my first and strongest memories of being on a bicycle. My Granny staring at me with a shocked expression on her face. She was not used to seeing little girls racing [...]

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Rachel Nolan bike setup interview spinergy

First female to win the TransAtlanticWay – Interview with Spinergy

Interview with Rachel Nolan 1st female to win the TransAtlanticWay Original interview with the first female to win the TransAtlanticWay | Author: Dani from Spingery (September 30th 2020) Rachel Nolan becomes the first female to win Ireland’s epic TransAtlanticWay endurance cycling race. We caught up with her to see how she fared on her Spinergy [...]

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TransAtlanticWay Rachel Nolan

Ireland’s Rachel Nolan on her epic win over male rivals in 2,113km ultra race – Stickybottle

Ireland’s Rachel Nolan on her epic win over male rivals in 2,113km ultra race – Stickybottle Link to original interview Posted on: September 24th, Fresh from an incredible win in the 2,113km Transatlantic Way ultra race, Rachel Nolan said she was delighted to add another chapter to the unfolding international story of women winning ultra race […]

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Tri Talking Sport with Joanne Murphy

Tri Talking Sport Podcast with Joanne Murphy

Rachel Nolan: Embracing A Life of Adventure Link to Tri Talking Sport Podcast She has adventure and exploration coursing through her veins, her passion for the outdoors and thirst for adventure is infectious  and really knows no bounds, so much so that after spending many years working in the drinks industry she came home to […]

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The TransAtlanticWay

Cycle like a girl
2113.3km | 25,225m climbing | self-supported
“I have a question for you. When the boys need to pee, they just stop at the side of the road, but what do you do?”
A cyclist’s mother in law asked me minutes before the start of the TransAtlanticWay. Well, I do what the boys do, just in a different position”
For the next 5 days, cycling my way along the Irish west coast […]

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Cuba by bike

A cultural cycling adventure
In this blog we give you the best reasons to travel Cuba by bike. Tips to find the right bike, how to get it to Cuba, explain what else to bring and which route to take […]

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Cycling routes tips for Cuba

How to find Cubas best cycling routes?
Cuba is 1250km long and in width it’s something between 191km and 31km from shore to shore.
Like in life itself the best route to take through Cuba is the one you find yourself. But we are happy to share some of our experiences that might help you find the right route for you […]

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