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Adventures with Rachel Nolan ~ Ink & Peat podcast

On Cycling, Gratitude, Whiskey, and Freedom

Interview with Craig from Memoir Tour

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Thank you Craig, for an amazing chat about Ireland and so much more! I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in person one day. Deep conversations over a glass of Irish whiskey, I can picture the two of us and Barbara, sitting in front of an open fire place, after a fun day out on the bike of course.

It’s great to have a good chat with people who are passionate about life and the west of Ireland. Memoir Tours invite you to treat yourself to an unforgettable writing retreat in County Mayo. I love their approach and the unique experience that they offer. It was an honour to be a guest in their Ink & Peat podcast and I can highly recommend everyone to check out their blog & podcast.

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    Posted by Patty Ravetti| June 28, 2021 |Reply

    Loved listening to the podcast with Rachel Nolan!
    She’s amazing!
    Great interview!

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