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Rachel is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who loves travel, culture and hardcore adventure. Together with her partner Iszy she runs the tour company “Rachel’s Irish Adventures”. During the summer in Ireland, from March to October, Rachel’s Irish Adventures offers tailor made private tours to discover the hidden gems and unspoilt natural wonders of the Emerald Isle, far off the beaten tourist paths but close up with the local Irish culture.

Rachel & Iszy are world explorers with all their heart and happily spend their “off season” discovering new places & cultures and learning more about the unknown. Their own style of traveling – that is reflected in Rachel’s Irish Adventures tours – is about discovering the real nature of a destination and deeply immersing in cultures, to get to know the local people and learning from their way of life. It’s about collecting experiences rather than ticking boxes.

This blog is a colourful mix of the best ‘off the beaten path’ Ireland travel tips, Rachel’s passion for whiskey, outdoor sports, endurance & adventure racing and random fun stories & thoughts of two happy world wanderers.

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Find the best tips for your vacation trip to Ireland with Rachel's Ireland Bucket list

The ultimate Ireland bucket list

Why is this Ireland bucket list different from the rest?

Here in this blog I put together a few suggestions for everyone who isn’t afraid to get off the beaten path and discover Ireland’s hidden gems. Most of these places are far off the common tourist trail and, if at all, take up only a small side-note in most guide books. The activities only require an open mind and pay off in life long memories.

This is for everyone who doesn’t need to tick the big Ireland bucket list. Your friends and family will probably never have heard about any of these places – they however will definitely want to come after they hear your travel stories 😉 .
This is for everyone who wants to immerse into the local culture. You might not meet any other tourists but friendly locals will probably approach you curiously to ask about your story.
This is for everyone who looks for an adventure. The real magic happens when you get out of your comfort zone, ditch the plan and loose the smartphone. Ask the farmer for the way to his favourite local pub and follow the DIY-sign for the coffee and best chocolate cake stop.

Rachel’s Ireland Travel Tips

Ireland is a magical island filled with culture, breath-taking scenery and truly is the perfect playground for those interested in nature and the great outdoors. In this travel blog, I give tips on my favourite places to get under the skin and off the beaten path in Ireland to experience, discover and taste the best of our beautiful green island.

Bike tour west Ireland

Adventure Racing and more

Taking part in events offers a focus, a challenge, an excuse to take an exotic adventure holiday and is the ultimate way to get off the beaten path to discover new cultures, landscapes & countries. It forces you to dig deep and get to know how to surpass your limits, how to be comfortable being uncomfortable but most importantly it creates amazing lifetime bonds with lots more like-minder nutters!
We did this in the pitch dark!

Travel adventures around the world

Traveling and exploring is our passion. We love to discover the unknown, experience foreign cultures and make friends all over the world. In this blog you can read up on some of Rachel & Iszy’s random adventures like cycling around Cuba or doing a Yoga Teacher Training in India. 

Louts Oasis Yoga shala

Whiskey in Ireland

Ohhh how I just love Whiskey!

Having worked with Jameson for several years in France and Ireland, I was injected with a passion for this pure ‘water of life’. Since then, I offer consultancy & contract work to start-ups in the drinks industry and I also host private Whiskey Appreciation Sessions. In this blog, I share with you my passion for whiskey in this dynamic and exciting industry.

Changing roles in today's society

A recap of 2019

2019 comes to end and what a blast this year has been. It was packed with adventures of all sorts. I had the most amazing people on tour with me in Ireland and discovered unique places all around the world. Check out my 12 months in 12 pictures – blog to see my 2019 highlights of being a tour guide, adventure racer and world wanderer.


Rachel in the media

One for the family album. A collection of links, newspaper articles and interviews. Rachel, typically Irish, loves the good old chat. Check out a lot of random craic around the travel in Ireland, the bicycle, outdoor adventures and Whiskey passion.

Rachel Nolan with Team Ireland AR on the front page of the Irish Sun