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Rachel’s & Iszy’s Adventure Travel Blog – How it all began…

The story of this travel blog begins in 2018. On the way to an Adventure Race in Belize I met a girl traveling solo through Central America. I had two weeks to relax and enjoy the area before the start of the race. We joined forces to explore together. Some things are just to good to let go, and so it comes we share our life and travel together ever since đŸ˜‰
We, Rachel & Iszy, share a passion for traveling and exploring. We love to discover the unknown, experience foreign cultures and make friends all over the world.

Women travelling solo looking for adventure

In our 20s we have both collected a lot of solo travel experience. It is fair to say those journeys forged our lifestyle more than anything else. With an attitude centred around an open mind, kindness and curiosity we discovered more of the world and ourselves on every trip. Many crazy travelling anecdotes will forever lighten our mood when thinking back of them. Some of those stories you will even find here in our travel blog.

The life-adventures of Rachel & Iszy

After more than a decade of travelling, solo and with friends, our 30s brought a new area of lifestyle for us. Exploring the world and sharing experiences as a couple has changed our way of travel and life. Iszy packed up camp in Vienna and moved to Ireland. We now run Rachel’s Irish Adventures together. While our summers in Ireland are busy with tailor-made tours, we spend our ‘off-season’ abroad. On our winter schedule: A mindful balance of customising tours for the next season and following our wanderlust to new adventures.
To share our experiences with you we’ve created this travel blog. We hope you enjoy reading up on some of our random adventures like cycling around Cuba or doing a Yoga Teacher Training in India.

We are always up for a good chat! If you have any questions, answers, thoughts or feedback feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.
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Rachel & Iszy with single speed bikes on the side of a road in Belize
In Belize - Our first bike tour together.
Rachel and Iszy hiking in Ireland
Hiking in Ireland
Rachel & Iszy cycling along the coast in Cuba
Exploring Cuba by bike
Rachel and Iszy skiing in Austria
Exploring Iszy's home country - Skiing in Austria
Rachel and Iszy exploring Myanmar
The bike - always our favourite mode of transport
Rachel and Iszy on a beach in Goa after their Yoga Teacher Training graduation
Yoga Teacher Training graduation in India

Enjoy browsing our travel blog:

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