Adventure Racing tips

Adventure Racing tips
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Moving from solo one day events to multi-day team challenges

It’s no secret that Adventure Racing is my favourite hobby. It brilliantly combines all the different endurance sports I love, mixes in extra surprises, and sends you on a discovery tour to explore the unknown. There is nothing better than sharing a passion with others. The Adventure Racing community is amazing, and we are always looking for more ‘like-minded nutters’. In this blog I’ve put together a few ‘Adventure Racing tips’ that might be helpful when taking on your first multi-day challenge with a team.

Have you already tipped your toe into the adventure racing world? Maybe participated in one-day multi-sport events like Gaelforce West or the Dingle Adventure Race, but you want to take it further? Then these tips might just be what it needs to convince you to join the AR-community.

To start off I’ve split my Adventure Racing tips into 3 topics.

  1. Logistic & communication tips for AR-teams

  2. Fuelling for multi-day Adventure Races ⇒ NEW POST

  3. Gear advice for Adventure Racing

Looking for more Adventure Racing tips?

My ultimate plan is to keep updating this blog with new inputs whenever I can. If you fancy some more light reading in the meantime, check out my personal race reports.

I hope you enjoy the read of my AR-tips. Try them out adapt everything to meet your needs. I’m curious what works best for you! Let me know if there is anything else in the AR-world that you could use some tips for.

Logistic & communication tips

Adventure Racing tips, Rachel's team during the Beast AR

Fuelling tips for multi-day Adventure Races

Adventure Racing Tips Continuous Snacking

Gear advice for Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing tips ITERA Ireland

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