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. challenge your limits and live the moment .

challenge your limits and live the moment

Adventure and Endurance Racing

From a young age I loved outdoor sport and enjoyed friendly competitions. Therefore, I played a lot of Gaelic football throughout my childhood. Later, in my 20s, I discovered Adventure Racing and endurance sports. When I was living in France I fell in love with trail running and started to compete in ultra-distance mountain running. Then, after moving back to Ireland I added endurance cycling to my list of passions.

Taking part in sport events and races offers me a focus, a challenge, and often an excuse to take an exotic adventure holiday. In other words, I consider Adventure Racing the ultimate way to get off the beaten path, to discover new cultures, landscapes & countries.

Most expedition races force you to dig deep and to surpass your limits. By all means, there is no better lesson on how to be comfortable being uncomfortable than taking part in an Adventure Race. Most importantly Adventure and endurance racing offer me an opportunity to create amazing lifetime bonds with lots more like-minded nutters!

This blog is a collection of personal reports on Adventure Races and other ultra endurance sport events; mixed with some tips on gear, nutrition, race logistics and fun anecdotes.

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