Whiskey Tasting

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.Whiskey Tasting with personality .

Whiskey Tasting with personality

Whiskey Appreciation Session

For my fun & interactive Whiskey Tastings, we will gather in a traditional local bar, your hotel (Ballina area) or at my home house for an absorbing journey through the ages. Beginning with the origin of whiskey, I will share with you from my years of industry experience tales of whiskey’s colourful past, and will explain the painstakingly fine art of distilling which results in the smooth, golden liquid which clings so appealingly to the glass you’re holding.

A comparative Whiskey Tasting

Experience in turn the aromas of specially selected samples of Irish, Scotch and Bourbon whiskeys, and learn about the processes that make each so unique in taste and texture. Discover how the maturation process gives each whiskey its own flavour and character, right down to the type of cask in which it is matured, and the skill that lies behind the craft which ensures you enjoy every warming sip.

By the end of the Whiskey Tasting, you’ll know what type of whiskey you like best, and you’ll have gained a new appreciation for sipping and savouring its distinctive flavours. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a premium whiskey, specially selected  for the evening.

“I guarantee to change the way you think about whiskey!”

Whiskey Tasting

Prices from: €30 per person

Can be included in all tour packages


Mayo & Sligo


60 minutes

Group size

4 to 30 people

Included in the price

Suitable for



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