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Adventure Racing Food Tips

Adventure Racing Food TipsFuelling for multi-day Adventure Races This list of Adventure Racing Food Tips is part of my blog seriesAdventure Racing Tips to advance to the next level Check out also: Logistic & communication tips for Adventure Racing Teams Adventure Racing Gear Advice (coming soon) Why is nutrition and fuelling so important for Adventure [...]

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Logistic & communication tips for Adventure Racing teams

Communication & Logistic tips for Adventure Racing teams Thoughtfully planning your race-logistics and establishing an adequate culture of communication are at the backbone for a successful AR-team. That's why I want to start this AR-blog-series by sharing some of my learnings and thoughts on communication and give you some logistic tips for your first Adventure [...]

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Adventure Racing tips

Adventure Racing tips to advance to the next level Moving from solo one day events to multi-day team challenges It’s no secret that Adventure Racing is my favourite hobby. It brilliantly combines all the different endurance sports I love, mixes in extra surprises, and sends you on a discovery tour to explore the unknown. There [...]

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World’s Toughest Race Eco-Challenge Fiji

Would you take on the World’s Toughest Race – again?
Eco-Challenge – the bed rock of Adventure Racing
A personal race report about Rachel’s experience with Team Ireland AR taking of the World’s Toughest Race […]

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Maya Mountain Challenge blog

The Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge Belize was more than just an adventure! Bush whacking in the jungle for over 20 hours, bikes sinking with the canoe, stranded on a deserted island, rescued by the Belize military, making camp fires with maps, serious bike collusions, cave swimming, abseiling down cliffs, bike swimming down rivers, eaten alive by [...]

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ITERA world series expedition adventure race

ITERA  Gaelforce winds and relentless rain, sleep deprivation, life threatening situations- this was a seriously hardcore 5 days of adventure and certainly not for the inexperienced! ITERA 2016 was a 5 day non-stop 600km expedition race as part of the Adventure Racing World Series and this year it took place along the rugged coastline and [...]

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