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Taking part in events offers a focus, a challenge, an excuse to take an exotic adventure holiday and is the ultimate way to get off the beaten path to discover new cultures, landscapes & countries. It forces you to dig deep and get to know how to surpass your limits, how to be comfortable being uncomfortable but most importantly it creates amazing lifetime bonds with lots more like-minder nutters!

The Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge

Belize was more than just an adventure! Bush whacking in the jungle for over 20 hours, bikes sinking with the canoe, stranded on a deserted island, rescued by the Belize military, making camp fires with maps, serious bike collusions, cave swimming, abseiling down cliffs, bike swimming down rivers, eaten alive by bugs, up close and […]

London-Edinburgh-London cycle, August 2017

The Outsider Magazine caught up with endurance athlete Rachel Nolan to talk about her recent London-Edinburgh-London cycle. Rachel Nolan (31) is a badass. The Mayo woman, who is supported by Columbia, has racked up a serious amount of events in Ireland and further afield this year. She won The Race in Donegal, a 250km unsupported endurance event, […]

THE RACE 2017, a personal report on Ireland’s toughest endurance race

The 5am whistle goes and we’re off.. THE RACE is known ultimately as Ireland’s toughest endurance event due to the harsh unpredictable weather conditions, the relentless hills and the duration of the adventure. Participants have 24 hours to complete the unsupported course of 247km which incorporates running, biking and kayaking. It’s a non for profit event, […]

ITERA world series expedition adventure race

Gaelforce winds and relentless rain, sleep deprivation, life threatening situations- this was a seriously hardcore 5 days of adventure and certainly not for the inexperienced! ITERA 2016 was a 5 day non-stop 600km expedition race as part of the Adventure Racing World Series and this year it took place along the rugged coastline and peaks […]

Nutrition and hydration before, during and after events

“Do you know your name? Who do you work for? Where are you from?” This is what I was bombarded with when I half opened my eyes and came back into the world of the living. I laughed at Linda, my adventure buddy and spluttered out, “What are you on about? What’s happening, where the […]

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