Cycling Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

It all started with some guy I never met sending me a random facebook message… ‘I heard you do mad stuff, I bet this would be too much for you.. cycling  2100km along the Wild Atlantic Way in less then 7 days and 7 hours’

In this blog I’m sharing with you the ups & downs of fun and madness of cycling the Wild Atlantic Way with your best buddy.

Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, 2100km in 7 days

What does it take to cycle 2100km in 7 days with over 24000 metres of climbing, along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way? It takes character! Why would someone choose to endure this physical and mental gruelling challenge? Is it to escape, to live in the moment, to test your limits and beyond, to explore the unknown and […]

Part 2: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Day 1: Kinsale- Kenmare 326km and a lot of big hills. 4.14am on Friday, the epic journey begins.. A couple of buckets of museli and 2 coffees, on the bike and a nice roll down to the centre of Kinsale. We were all anxiously hanging around till the ‘GO’ at 6am. It was like a […]

Part 3: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

We cruised up alongside the Cliffs of Moher, with a heavy fog rolling around us, it was all very mystic. Looking at all the carparks, I wondered if I could get all these ‘tick the box’ tourists up to the wilds of Mayo to discover the unspoilt and spectacular landscape and get them off the […]

Part 4: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

4am and it’s time to take on day 6! Even though the body wasn’t fresh, I was excited to get up and eat again. Growing up in a Bed & Breakfast and having a mother that is passionate about baking and experimenting with new recipies, I was fortunate to always be surrounded with the finest […]

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