the wawa part 4

Part 4: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

The WAWA Audax part 4: 4am and it’s time to take on day 6!! of the WAWA Audax Even though the body wasn’t fresh, I was excited to get up and eat again. Growing up in a Bed & Breakfast and having a mother that is passionate about baking and experimenting with new recipies, I […]

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the wawa part 3

Part 3: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

The WAWA Audax part 3: I thought I had already experienced my favourite county’s Wild Atlantic Way but I didn’t know what was yet to come and what jewels were left to be revealed during this WAWA Audax. The mist got heavier and at this point we were just excited to get back to base. […]

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the wawa part 2

Part 2: Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

The WAWA Audax part 2: Day 1 WAWA Audax: Kinsale – Kenmare 326km and a lot of big hills The first few hours of the WAWA Audax were all very sociable, the sun was out and the skies were blue, and then…. the ‘big hills’ started…. The route was just spectacular through Timoleague and beyond […]

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Cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, 2100km in 7 days

Cycling the Wild Atlantic Way Audax What does it take to cycle 2100km in 7 days with over 24000 metres of climbing, along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way? It takes character! The Wild Atlantic Way Audax – Why would someone choose to endure this physical and mental gruelling challenge? Is it to escape, to live in the […]

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Nutrition and hydration before, during and after events

Nutrition and Hydration “Do you know your name? Who do you work for? Where are you from?” This is what I was bombarded with when I half opened my eyes and came back into the world of the living. I laughed at Linda, my adventure buddy and spluttered out, “What are you on about? What’s […]

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