Bed and Breakfasts in Ireland

Why Bed and Breakfasts are the best way to explore Ireland

B&B – The only way to Experience, Discover and Taste the best of Ireland


If you are looking for a very real Irish experience that will give you a unique opportunity to immersive yourself in the local Irish culture and be welcomed into an Irish family home, than staying in Bed & Breakfasts in Ireland is the ultimate! No two Bed & Breakfasts are ever the same just like no two homes and no two families are ever the same. This is what really brings your adventure alive, gives you a deep insight into the Irish way of life and really gets under the skin of what it’s like to be a extra addition to each family.

When you arrive at your Bed & Breakfast, you will be greeted by your host with a smile and an open door, they will invite you into their home and show you your bedroom with pride. This room might be very 80’s décor, super modern or whatever the owners style and budget displays. You will more than likely be invited into the dinning room or kitchen for a tea or coffee and some homemade treats or our beloved ginger nut biscuits. Your host will discuss the local area and be curious of your story, they will also ask you what you want for breakfast and what time. As you might already know, breakfast is a big deal for us Irish and we like to get a good start at the day! There is a good chance that in the evening you will end up in the local pub with the owner of the B&B or be invited for a whiskey by an open fire. People who have Bed & Breakfasts are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for their local community and traditions and want you to feel comfortable and at home. In the morning, don’t be expecting a daily newspaper to be slipped under your bedroom door but to wake up to a happy positive busy family environment where you will be number one and have your hosts full attention. You will meet the family, if they have children, you might hear a blast of the tin whistle or have your breakfast served by one of these little assistants. Many guests feel so welcome and so at home that they come back to the same Bed & Breakfast year after year and they become good friends with the family. In my case, having grown up in Brigown Bed & Breakfast, I have had the pleasure to experience this and look forward to seeing all the familiar and friendly faces return.

Below is a picture of myself and Rodulf who has been coming to stay at  ‘Brigown’ since I was 5 years old, that’s 29 years of friendship. He now comes for 3 months a year and is almost part of the furniture. He enjoys long days out fishing, having breakfast and dinner with my Mam in the kitchen, feeling at home, having the company and for the past 3 years he has a plugged in freezer in his bedroom just to be close to his catch of the day..


Bed & Breakfasts in Ireland are located in stunning locations and often off the beaten track areas where there are no hotels. In this way, it will offer you the opportunity to discover what you won’t find in the guide book and explore areas that only the extremely culturally curious will reach. This could be anything from a night on the beautiful Inishturk island off the coast of county Mayo to getting into the wild’s of north Donegal. We all know the cliffs of Moher from the guide books and the intense marketing campaigns but do you know the highest sea cliffs in Ireland are out on the spectacular Achill island? Here you also have a variety of top class friendly Bed & Breakfasts to invite you to the perfect Irish welcome in an idyllic location. During your stay in Bed & Breakfasts in Ireland, your host will supply you with maps and take the time to tell you about the hidden gems in the area to discover. They are from the area, they know the region like the back of their hand and whether you are looking for the toughest hike, leisure cycling route or best fish restaurant, they will have a plan just for you. At Brigown Bed & Breakfast, in partnership with Rachel’s Irish Adventures we offer bikes to rent so guests can explore the region up close and personal on two wheels on a self guided or guided adventure. We also offer guided trail running and hiking trips to showcase our favorite local trails, in the Mayo and Sligo regions, that are totally unspoilt. For those looking for more culture and culinary, we host private Whiskey Appreciation Sessions and Irish baking experiences.

The picture below is taken from the summit of Nephin, my favourite local mountain.


Ireland is a foodies paradise! We have all heard it a million times.. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.. and let me tell you, us Irish know how to do it in style! In the past, most places just served up the traditional Irish fry up which includes sausages, rasher, black and white pudding, fried eggs and tomatoes and toast and all that washed down with a big pot of tea. In recent years, this has all changed, yes Bed & Breakfasts still offer the traditional fry up but are very mindful of where they source the meat, eggs and like to support the local farmer, keeping it all organic and free range while also being more conscious of reducing wastage and overuse of plastic. Most Bed & Breakfasts now offer a large selection for breakfast which might include grilled grapefruit and porridge for starters followed by homemade pancakes with natural yogurt, local honey and seasonal berries, traditional Irish potato cakes with bacon or and my favorite – locally smoked salmon and organic eggs. If you are lucky you may even get to enjoy locally roasted coffee to get you wired for the day. At Brigown Bed & Breakfast, Marjorie (AKA Mam) offers a 15 choice breakfast menu which often entices guests to stay an extra couple of nights so they can taste more.

The best way to find a nice restaurant to go for your evening meal is to ask your host. They will be brutally honest and tell you where the food and service is top class and what they think you just have to try. They will also more than likely tell you if they ever had a bad experience in a restaurant even if it was 5 years ago. If you would like a reservation made, they will call the restaurant for you and you will have the best table. Some Bed & Breakfasts offer an evening meal where you can sit down and enjoy a traditional Irish meal with the family, however this is usually only in very rural areas where there are no places to eat within a reachable distance.

Can Bed & Breakfasts adapt to the changing environment?

The way people travel has dramatically changed in recent years and will continue to modernise. Does this mean that the trade of B&B will slowly fade out?