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. What is life but one grand adventure .

What is life but one grand adventure

Welcome to our Ireland Travel Outdoor Lifestyle Ultra Sport Adventure Blog

As you will see, this blog is filled with lists, articles and stories about many different topics around Ireland, travel, the great outdoors, endurance sport and more. It’s a colourful mix of all the things we enjoy doing, talking and writing about.

We constantly try to add more content to our travel blog, especially in the ‘Ireland travel & tips’ section. Feel free to be our inspiration by getting in touch and asking all the questions you might have about visiting Ireland.

Who are we?

We, Rachel and Iszy, are a couple that loves to go out and explore. Therefore, we are passionate about discovering new places, learning new things, and having unique experiences.

Rachel loves Adventure Racing, endurance cycling & trail running. You find her personal race reports and tips for adventure and ultra endurance sport events in the sections ‘Challenges & Sport Events’.

Whenever we can we set out to explore the world together. Read more about our world wandering adventures like cycling around Cuba or doing a Yoga Teacher Training in India in our ‘Travel & Lifestyle Blog’.

Enjoy browsing through our Adventure Blog!

Rachel & Iszy



Ireland travel & tips

With Rachel’s Irish Adventures we can guide you off the beaten path and show you where the real Irish magic happens. This Ireland travel blog is a collection of Ireland tips, travel guides and unique Irish experiences that will make your Ireland adventure unforgettable. If you are looking for a fully guided Ireland tour check out all our packages or start to build your customised tour. 

Rachel's Whiskey Appreciation

I believe whiskey is a story of love, passion, craft and heritage and it’s an experience to be shared and explored together. My first career took me on a journey to explore the finest wines, whiskeys and spirits of the world. During my 7 years with Irish Distillers I specialised in premium Irish whiskeys and my work adventures took me all over Ireland and France. Even though I follow a different career path now, I will never stop being a spirited whiskey enthusiast who loves to share a glass and a chat about good Irish whiskey. 

Two happy world wanderers

We travel the world and explore new places whenever we can and, if we have a bit of spare time in between, we try to write about our experiences. In this blog we’ve collected random stories and fun anectodes from our travel all over the world. 

Challenges & Sport Events

My favourite hobby is Adventure racing, because it brilliantly combines my favourite sport disciplines with my love for the wild outdoors and exploring new places. This part of the blog is all about my passion for the outdoors. You’ll find reports about challenges and races that I took on, as well as tips & advise for fellow outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. 

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