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. Follow the trace of your Irish ancestors .

Follow the trace of your Irish ancestors

Irish Ancestry Tours

A trip to Ireland can be the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your family tree. Besides exploring the island’s biggest sights and spectacular natural beauty, I can help you discover more about your Irish family’s history. Together with professional genealogists I can help you reconnect with your past to include visits to places of interest related to your family’s history during your private tour.

Following the footsteps of your ancestors during your vacation can provide a very personal and meaningful Ireland experience. Often, this approach will take you off the beaten path to places beyond the common tourist trail and give you the chance to truly immerse into the local lifestyle and Irish culture. Especially for families who explore Ireland together, looking up your ancestors can be a beautiful bonding experience. Most importantly, Irish ancestry tours can easily be combined with sight-seeing and many other activities like walking tours, hiking or golf.

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