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The mysteries of Belleek woods

Enjoy a self-guided discovery tour around the famous Belleek woods in Ballina, Co. Mayo. 

Do you want to spend a refreshing day outside?

Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is an exciting outdoor activity for all ages. This outdoor game, designed by Rachel’s Irish Adventures, will take you on an interactive discovery trip around Ballina’s famous Belleek woods.

Are you ready for a fun outdoor game?

Let’s go and explore nature, discover Ballina’s hidden gems while solving entertaining riddles. Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is thoughtfully designed to provide an enjoyable time for the whole family. Follow the clues, find secret locations, and discover more about Ballina’s colourful history.

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Price: €60 per group

Recommended group size is 4 people

Start: Belleek castle

~ 3 hours


Finish: Belleek castle

Ballina Treasure Hunt Game Facts


Take your time! The goal of Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is to provide you with a fun outdoor experience. Enjoy exploring Belleek woods and don’t forget to look up from your map to soak in the naturally refreshing atmosphere.


In its shortest version the course is approx. 4km.

Recommended group size

2-4 people

Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is an adventure for the whole family, for couples and for groups of friends. To make the most of this experience we recommend no more than 4 players per group, so everyone gets the best opportunity to engage with the map, the clues, and the riddles.


Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is an ideal family activity. The game includes riddles and clues of various difficulties that parents and children can solve together. Besides puzzles and riddles the game includes lots of playfully incorporated information about the area, its tales and wildlife.


As long as one adult is with each group this adventure is suitable for detectives of all ages. To solve the clues the ability to read is required. 
Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is not designed for groups of children without supervision! 

Mystery Package

We will meet you for a short game briefing and to hand you a ‘Mystery Package’. The package will include game instruction, hints, and tools you will need for the Treasure Hunt. Make sure to read all instructions carefully, handle the materials with care and return the package to us after you finished (instruction for drop off are included in the package). Our mission is to provide a sustainable, low waste adventure. Therefore, we try to avoid ‘single use’ items where possible. Please return all items received (All items are sanitised following Covid19 guidelines before handed over to you).

Clues, riddles and puzzles

You will find lots of clues and little riddles of various difficulties along the way. All riddles can be solved using logic or by carefully looking at the clues and interacting with things around you. No specific previous knowledge is required. To make it an experience for the whole family we’ve included mysteries and activities suitable for detectives of different age groups. Therefore, some riddles will appear easier to solve than others.

Props and tools

Once you receive your ‘Mystery Package’ you hold everything you need to solve riddles and decode clues. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and don’t overlook tools that might be included in an envelope. Besides that, you won’t need to physically pick up anything along the way. Also, please make sure you don’t leave anything behind (Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!)

Belleek woods - the playground

Belleek woods is the favourite recreational area for Ballina’s locals and one of Europe’s largest urban forests. The woods are only minutes from the town centre and can be entered from various points. Idyllically located along the famous River Moy, numerous paths and trails are peacefully weaving through the woodlands offering perfect walking, running, and cycling opportunities.
At the heart of the woods lies the formidable castle of Belleek, containing a luxurious hotel, fine restaurant and the stylish café Jack Fenn.

What else to do in and around Ballina?

Ballina is the perfect gateway to discover the counties Mayo and Sligo along the spectacular Irish West coast. Beautifully situated on the banks of the River Moy, the quaint little town lies within a stone throw from spectacular white sandy beaches and stunning coastal cliffs. Find the ancient sight Ceide Fields, the striking landmark Downpatrick Head, and the wilds of Nephin Ballycroy National Park nearby. These are just some of the reasons that make Ballina the ideal base to discover more about Irish history and explore unique natural wonders along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ballina Bike Hire

Explore Ballina and the beautiful north Mayo coast on the bike. Ballina can be the perfect base for a scenic cycling adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We want you to enjoy this adventure to the max! With more than 4 adults in one group it will become more difficult for individuals to engage with the clues and riddles. However, ultimately it’s up to you how many people you enjoy this adventure with.

A: Of course, you can take this adventure on as a family!

A: Rachel’s Ballina Treasure Hunt is not designed for children on their own! To make this a fun adventure for all ages, we’ve included clues and riddles of various difficulties. Some are designed to tackle matured grey matter. Every group must be accompanied by one adult taking responsibility for the game kit and the players.

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